Thousand Oaks Appliance Repair for Residents, Business Owners, and Property Managers

You can look far and wide, but you won’t find an appliance repair service that provide higher quality repairs, a more comprehensive list of appliance repair services, and lower rates than us. These three things, combined with our commitment to excellence is why we’ve enjoyed so much success these last 20 or so years that we’ve spent providing Thousand Oaks with reliable appliance repairs.
In addition to the best appliance repairs in Thousand Oaks, we also provide the best customer service. We firmly believe in treating each one of our customers the way we wish we were treated whenever we find ourselves in need of help. It’s one of the many ways we go the extra mile in an effort to make our customers feel happy, relaxed, and important.
We have an impressive list of Thousand Oaks appliance repair services that we offer, which includes:

  • Thousand Oaks Admiral repair
  • Thousand Oaks Kitchen Aid repair
  • Thousand Oaks Magic Chef repair
  • Thousand Oaks MayTag repair
  • Thousand Oaks Bosch repair
  • Thousand Oaks DCS repair
  • Thousand Oaks Dacor repair
  • Thousand Oaks Ice maker repair
  • Thousand Oaks Freezer repair
  • Thousand Oaks Fisher & Paykel repair
  • Thousand Oaks GE repair
  • Thousand Oaks Marvel repair
  • Thousand Oaks Air conditioner repair
  • Thousand Oaks Refrigerator repair
  • Thousand Oaks Washing machine repair
  • Thousand Oaks Amana repair
  • Thousand Oaks Clothes dryer repair
  • Thousand Oaks Wine Coolers repair
  • Thousand Oaks Sears/Kenmore repair
  • Thousand Oaks LG repair
  • Thousand Oaks Sub Zero repair
  • Thousand Oaks Frigidaire repair
  • Thousand Oaks Vent hood repair
  • Thousand Oaks Water heater repair
  • Thousand Oaks Viking repair
  • Thousand Oaks Whirlpool repair
  • Thousand Oaks Wolf repair
  • And many more!

Thousand Oaks Electric Range Repair

An electric range provides you with a wide assortment of cooking options. Older electric range models were designed in a way that the burner grew hot, the heat transferred to the pot, pan, or skillet you were cooking in, and the contents eventually cooked. While this was a very effective way for cooking, cleaning those older electric ranges was difficult. Today’s modern kitchen ranges are designed with class cooktops and covered burner coils which makes cleanup a snap. We have noticed that many of the modern ranges we’re currently repairing have been designed with inductive or infrared cooking technology which is a great deal more efficient than older heating methods.
Most of the range repair calls we respond to involve a range that has stopped heating. While this sounds like a simple problem, repairing it can sometimes be quite challenging. In most cases, the problem is caused because the connection to the heating element is damaged and needs to be replaced.
A range that’s generating too much heat isn’t as common a problem, but we do see it from time to time. In most cases, the problem is a faulty temperature control switch.
If you’re experiencing any problems with your electric range, contact us and we’ll handle the situation today!

Commercial Appliance Repair in Thousand Oaks

No one understands how important your commercial appliances are to you better than we do. We know how something like a commercial oven with cold spots or a broken ice maker not only impacts your bottom line, but also your long term relationship with you customers. Rather watching your businesses falter as the result of a faulty appliance, grab the phone and call us. For years, we’ve enjoyed working with Thousand Oaks business and providing them with comprehensive appliance repairs.
In addition to repairing all of your commercial appliances, we’re also ready and willing to help you with any maintenance work you decide you need. You will find that not only does the Thousand Oaks commercial maintenance work we provide help reduce the number of appliance repair emergencies you experience from one year to the next, it also helps keep your utility bills low because our service keeps the appliances working at peak energy efficiency levels.
The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll enjoy fully functional commercial appliances

Wine Cooler Repair

You expect your wine cooler to keep your favorite bottles of wine cool, you don’t expect to find that the fluid has frozen.
While a wine cooler that is freezing isn’t as common a wine cooler repair Thousand Oaks as one that’s not getting cold enough, it does sometimes happen. The two main reasons the interior of wine cooler will be to cold are:

  •  The internal fan lacks sufficient lubrication
  • One of the screws holding the fan in place is missing

Contact us with all of your Thousand Oaks wine cooler repairs. We’re happy to resolve them.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an appliance repair service anywhere that holds itself to a higher standard of professionalism. It’s one of the many reasons our clients are so pleased with us and quickly recommend us to everyone they meet.

Warrantied Appliance Repair Concerns

One of the best things about purchasing a brand new Viking appliance is that it comes with a warranty that is a promise from Viking to you ensuring that the appliance will provide you with a specific amount of time where you won’t have to worry about any mechanical problems. For your part, you agree to not use the Viking appliance for anything other than its intended purpose or to do any repair work on it. If something does go wrong with the appliance before the warranty expires, check with Viking, and they’ll work you through the steps needed to get the Viking appliance running again without you doing anything that will void the warranty.
Contact Us!
When you hire us to handle your appliance repairs, you’ll never receive sub-par work. Every single repair we handle is high quality and guaranteed to last a long time. If you’re not happy with the way your appliance runs afterwards, let us know and we’ll take another run at, but this rarely happens.
Many of our clients report that after we’ve completed the repairs, the appliance runs better than it has for years. We think this is the highest compliment an Thousand Oaks appliance repair service can receive.