Modern appliances have changed quite a bit from the ones your parents and grandparents had. They’re more complex, have all sorts of additional special features, and are more energy efficient than ever before. The great thing about modern appliances is that they do even more to simplify your life, which considering how busy everyone is, is a very good thing.
The downside to modern appliances is that all those great improvements and changes appliance manufactures have made over the years, also makes appliance repair Bell Canyon more challenging than it used to be. It’s important to remember that while repairing the appliances might be challenging, but that’s quite a bit different from impossible. You’ll be delighted to learn that our team Bell Canyon appliance repair experts have the tools, parts, and experience needed to handle all of your appliance challenges and will restore residential and commercial appliances to full functionality.
You’re going to be amazed by how simple we’ve made everything
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Bell Canyon Dishwasher Repair

There’s nothing fun about washing dishes by hand which is why a dishwasher that’s not working is so aggravating. The good news is that with a single phone call, you can put all that aggravation behind you. The sooner you get in touch with us and tell us about your dishwasher woes, the sooner we can send an experienced tech to your home or business and they’ll resolve the matter. You won’t believe how easy the entire process is.
You can trust our Bell Canyon dishwasher repair techs to accurately:

  • Replace broken dishwasher doors
  • Update dishwasher hardware
  • Replace leaking hoses
  • Identify why the dishwasher has stopped draining
  • Troubleshoot the dishwasher
  • And more

Call today and put all of your dishwasher repair problems behind you once and for all!

Bell Canyon Range Repair

Your really can’t go wrong when you contact us about our range repair services. Not only do are we the number one range repair service in Bell Canyon, we also have the distinction of being the Bell Canyon range repair service with the most comprehensive list of range repair services we can complete for you. We repair all brands, styles, and ages of ranges, as well as commercial and residential ranges.

Our range repair and maintenance Bell Canyon services include:

  • Identifying which range sensors are faulty and replacing them
  • Repairing or replacing burnt out or broken range heating elements
  • Replacing range display
  • Replacing worn electrical cords and locating the source of internal electrical problems which we than resolve
  • And more!

In short, we do it all!

Bell Canyon Ice Machine Repair

In addition to a slew of ice machines that are built into their refrigerators, Viking also makes two different types of ice makers that are ideal for Orange County businesses. When you see these units, it’s easy to assume that there aren’t many differences other than size, but upon closer examination, you’ll notice that the one Viking ice machine has a drain pump while the other does not.
These days, when most of us think ice machines, our thoughts automatically turn to the small ice makers that are built into the doors of our Viking refrigerators. What Santa Barbara businesses that are involved in the hospitality industry know is that Viking also makes large, freestanding unites that are designed to do nothing but make high quality ice. Viking currently produces two different types of 15’ ice machines, each of which has the ability to produce 65 pounds of high grade ice. The machines are equipped with sensors that monitor the amount of ice contained within the bin, and send the machine a signal whenever more ice is needed. Viking ice makers are well respected for their reliability and the high quality ice they produce. Both of Viking’s ice makers are designed to provide you with years and years of use. When they do require some work, you can turn to us and we’ll resolve whatever issue the icemaker has developed.

Bell Canyon Commercial Appliance Repair

Bell Canyon business owners know that a broken appliance isn’t a laughing matter. The impact of having just one appliance that doesn’t work for a few days can have a far reaching impact on the business. It effects everything from employee attitude, to customer satisfaction, to the businesses profit margin. We don’t think your businesses should struggle, which is why we urge you to contact us as soon as you start struggling with one of your commercial appliances. Not only do we provide same day emergency service, but we also work quickly and discreetly.
We guarantee each appliance repair we complete.

Warrantied Appliance Repair

When you first get the impression that there’s something wrong with one of your Viking appliances, the first thing you must do is check to see how old the appliance is and whether or not it’s still protected by a warranty. If it is, touch base with Viking and let them know about the problem. Depending on the problem, they’ll either offer to replace the faulty appliance or foot the repair bill. The last thing you want to do is try to do the repairs on the Viking appliance before speaking to the company, which would invalidate the warranty.
When it comes to appliance repair in Bell Canyon your satisfaction is our number one goal. We won’t rest until we know you’re happy with the way the appliance performs.
You can count on us to resolve any appliance repair challenge you send our way. Contact us today and learn more!