How well do you take care of your ice maker? If you regularly service it, the appliance can serve you well for ages. If you don’t, the appliance might crush in the middle of the summer, when you need ice the most.
Ice makers are designed to supply you with ice any time you need it. These appliances are a god-sent when the heat becomes unbearable and you’re craving an icy-cold drink. An ice machine is also an ideal accessory for your home bar or office break room. If you’re big on throwing outdoor parties or love road trips, an ice maker is a great investment too.
Commercially, ice machines are essential in night clubs, pubs, and other businesses that serve considerable amounts of beverages to patrons. Food businesses also use these machines to make ice used for the display of salads and so on.
Ice makers, like all other home appliances, are subject to occasional defects. These defects are brought about by a variety of factors, including age, wear and tear, etc. The moment you become aware of any issues in your ice machine, it’s recommended that you address it right away.

What are Some Common Ice Maker Defects?

Currently, ice machines are available in a wide array of types, brands, and models. All ice makers, however, undergo certain issues from time to time. Some of the commonest problems include:

• The ice machine does not power
• The appliance leaks water
• Too little ice produced, and sometimes no ice at all
• The appliance freezes over
• The appliance is too noisy
• The ice tastes or smells bad
• The ice is discolored
• The ice dispenser isn’t working properly
• The internal light is broken
• Coolant leaks from the appliance

As you can imagine, a defective ice machine can cause a lot of inconvenience. An ice maker that does not power at all is useless to you. If the ice machine produces too little ice or ice that’s not palatable, you are forced to purchase ice from the store. Sometimes, the ice will still work in spite of the defect, but consume more power. If the appliance keeps leaking water or is too noisy, it becomes a nuisance in your house or business.
The best solution, as we mentioned earlier, is to address any ice maker problems quickly. Keep in mind that appliance problems can worsen over time when ignored.

What to Do When Your Ice Maker Malfunctions

Generally, there are two approaches to dealing with defects in your ice machine. The first is to replace the defective appliance with a brand new one. The biggest setback to this approach, of course, is that it means spending at least several hundred dollars, which may be unnecessary if there’s still life left in your appliance.
The second option is to replace find a reputable technician to troubleshoot the problem and fix your machine. This solution is quick, effective, and affordable.

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If your ice machine is malfunctioning, Oxnard Appliance Repair can quickly help. Our professionals get your appliance up and running within no time.

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We always use manufacturer-approved replacement parts to guarantee long lasting results. After all, your ice machine deserves the best.
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Our services are available throughout the year, so you can always count on us to be there for you when you need us.

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