A functional cooktop is one of your kitchen’s most important appliances. A cooktop provides the heat-source you require to prepare the delicious meals your family enjoys every day. And as Americans increasingly turn to home cooked meals as the source of nutrition, more and more people are going out of their way to get the most modern and efficient cooktops the market has to offer.
In the business world, commercial cooktops are valued for the central role they play in food businesses such as restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels. In these businesses, a single cooktop can be involved in the preparation of hundreds of meals on a daily basis.
The typical cooktop will usually serve you well for many years, provided you’re taking good care of it. You need to make sure that the appliance is serviced regularly, whether you’re using a standalone cooktop or one that’s built into your range.
But even with the best care, your cooktop will still experience glitches from time to time. Most issues in your cooktop are the result of aging and general wear and tear.
Given how important it is for your kitchen to work at peak efficiency at all times, you need to be constantly on the lookout for any signs of trouble in the appliance so you can address them right away.

Common Cooktop Defects to Watch Out For

While cooktops are available in a wide array of models, sizes, and prices, they all occasionally experience similar issues from time to time. To help you identify and resolve these problems, we’ve compiled a list of some of the commonest cooktop repair issues. These include:

• Your cooktop does not turn on
• The appliance has damaged electric coils
• The cooktop creates sparks when you turn it on
• The coils do not heat
• You cooktop’s indicator lights don’t turn on
• There are problems adjusting the burner temperatures

There are certainly many other defects that can afflict your cooktop, but these are the commonest. What you need to remember is that addressing cooktop malfunctions the moment you become aware of them is your best course of action. Why?
Well, first of all, a malfunctioning cooktop can stall your kitchen routine and inconvenience you greatly. If you run a food business, a defective cooktop can quickly bring your business to a standstill and cost you revenue. Sometimes, the appliance itself is a fire hazard, especially when it’s producing sparks.
The sooner you can tackle the problem, the better. Keep in mind that cooktop defects can quickly get worse when not promptly addressed.

How Can You Deal With Cooktop Defects?

When your cooktop starts to malfunction, you can opt to tackle the problem in one of two ways. You can decide to replace the appliance altogether. This approach, unfortunately, can mean spending hundreds of dollars or more on a brand new appliance. Unless you’re sure that your defective cooktop is at the end of its life and are looking to upgrade, this approach should be the last option.
The second option is to seek professional repair for your cooktop. Fortunately, cooktop defects are almost always fixable, provided you’re working with the right technician. Repair is a lot quicker and more affordable.

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